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Aaron Diaz

Trumpet player with Jonny Hunter Quartet. He also plays with - TheFairRain, TheDestroyers, Glowrogues, BostinBrass, YoungPilgrims and beyond!

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Abrar Hafiz

Bass player working with Arun Ghosh.

Adam Fairhall

Adam's distinctive piano playing has been noted for the diversity of its stylistic reference points; idioms drawn from any period of jazz history may be blended, collided, subverted, hinted at or...


Adam Glasser

Keys/ Harmonica

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Adam King

Bassist Adam King's success in the 2015 annual Musicians' Company Young Jazz Musician Award revealed one of the most promising jazz artists of his generation. His 'winner's gig' on 5th June featur...

Alan Barnes

"Barnes, plays music that was radical 50 years ago - hard, urban post-bop - but he infuses it with so much passion and energy you could believe it was minted on the spot, which is always part of...


Alan Tang

I'm n ex-founding member of Leicester based band Echolocation and playing regularly in the East Midlands area as well as supporting respected bands such as Public Service Broadcasting, Shone...

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Alberto Palau


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Aldofredo Pulido

Aldofredo Pulido is the bass player in Heads South. Led by pianist/composer John Harriman, Heads South includes outstanding trumpeter Steve Waterman, Buster Birch on drums, Cuban percussionist...



After studying at Berklee College of Music, joined the Clark Tracey Quintet, Julian Joseph Quartet and Nigel Kennedy’s Wasp Factory. While living in New York he played with the Duke Ellingto...

Alex Bonney

Alex Bonney (Reading, 1978) is a trumpeter, electronic musician and recording/mix engineer and producer based in London. He leads the Alex Bonney Quartet, is a member of Splice, Leverton Fox, BABs...

Alex Garnett

Alex Garnett has been one of the leading saxophonists in the UK and Mainland Europe for over two decades, being instantly recognized by his dark, husky sound. A versatile musici...

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Alex Merritt

Alex has been freelancing in London since graduating and has been fortunate to perform with many of the top players on the UK jazz scene. He is very excited about his current performance projects...


Alex Munk


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Alex Ridout


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Alex Webb

Alex is a pianist and a jazz-oriented songwriter and arranger who, for a large part of his career, has worked in and around the music business – in live music promotion, music publishing...


Alexander Hawkins

Alexander Hawkins is a pianist, organist, and composer, recently labelled as ‘one of the most unique voices in contemporary music’, whose work has reached a ‘dazzling new...


Alfonso Vitale

London based Italian drummer Alfonso Vitale has liked  jazz music and drums since he was a child. He attended a lot of jazz concerts, and he was so interested in that kind of music...

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Alice Zawadzki

Alice Zawadzki is a vocalist, violinist, songwriter and composer based in London. Her work as a performer, collaborator, composer and speaker, has seen her gain considerable repute as a distinctive...


Alina Bzhezhinska

Originally from Ukraine/Poland and now based in London, Alina Bzhezhinska is an internationally renowned harpist. Alina’s critically acclaimed...


Alison Rayner

Bass Player and Composer


Allison Neale

American born altoist Allison Neale’s beautifully crafted lines evoke the spirit of Paul Desmond and Art Pepper, with whom she has a particular affinity. She has performed with Adelaide Hall, Bud...


Andra Sparks

Irish born Andra Sparks is an acclaimed singer with a beautiful voice and great interpretative skills who also has the rare ability to create totally engaging performances.


Andre Canniere

Andre Canniere is an acclaimed trumpet player, composer and educator currently based in London. Originally from rural Pennsylvania (USA), Canniere spent the first five years of his career in New...


Andrea Pozza

Italian Pianist Andrea Pozza has been active on the Italian and international jazz scene for over 30 years and active both as a leader and as a sideman with such distinguished artists as Chet Baker...



Andrea Vicari made her mark on the jazz scene both as a pianist and composer and has five albums under her own name as well as two records with ‘Jazz Extempore’; a multi-national...

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Andrew Cleyndert

Born in Birmingham, England in 1963. Andrew took up the double bass at school and turned professional on leaving in 1981. His first professional experience was as resident bassist at the George...

Andrew McCormack

One of the UK’s singular jazz talents, Andrew McCormack hasn’t looked back since releasing his debut album in 2007. Having made a name on the UK scene in trio and duo (with Jason...


Andrew Wood

Andrew 'Woody' Wood, is a professional musician based in Nottingham, UK. Working across a range of genres, Andrew has established himself as one of the most in-demand drummers in the...


Andrew Wood Trio

East Midlands based 3-piece led by drummer Andrew 'Woody' Wood

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Andy Bunting

Andy Bunting - Piano, Composer, Teacher....creates music from everything he touches, and draws it out of anyone he plays with. He's aleading light on the Birmingham jazz scene and a founder member...

Andy Champion

Andy Champion is a highly regarded bass teacher and performer, extremely well regarded in the current music scene.

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Andy Cleyndert


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Andy Davies


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Andy Hay


Andy Sheppard

An ECM recording artist, bandleader and composer, Andy Sheppard is one of Europe’s leading saxophonists and one of a very few British musicians to have made a significant impact on the...


Andy Tytherleigh

One of the bussiest bass palyers in the East Midlands. Andy works with Nottingham's Jazztastic and Matt Ratcliffe as well as Gary Reader's MOJO

Annie Whitehead

Annie Whitehead was born in Oldham, Lancashire, the heart of brass band country. She learnt trombone at school and by the age of fourteen was already busy playing with brass bands, local dance...


Ant Law

Described as "An Innovator" by The Guardian, Guitarist Ant Law was a scholar at Edinburgh University and Berklee College of Music. He now lives in London and works extensively with his...



Born in Belfast, Anthony Kerr is one of Europe’s leading vibraphone players. For the last twenty years he has been performing and recording with a huge variety of artists including Georgie...

Anthony Strong

Anthony Strong,One thing is sure: underneath the crowd-winning stage show, there is a seriously talented musician. The arrangements and orchestrations, up to full big band, were written by Strong...


Anton Eger

Anton Eger is a Norwegian/Swedish Jazz drummer, known from a series of recordings and collaborations with musicians like Django Bates, Marius Neset, Daniel Heløy Davidsen and Ivo Neame. Eger...


Anton Hunter

Anton Hunter is a composer and improviser living in Manchester. He leads his own trio, who have found airtime on Radio 3 in the last year and he can be found playing in a variety of settings with...

Antonin-Tri Hoang

Tenor Sax Player, born in Paris, also plays clarinet

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Arild Andersen

One of Europe’s leading bass player since the early 70-ties. Andersen started out as a member of Jan Garbarek Quartet (67-73) withTerje Rypdal and Jon Christensen. Recorded 21 albums in...


Arnie Somogyi

One of the UK’s leading jazz bass players and an innovative band leader Arnie started out on bass guitar at 14 and later moved onto the double bass. Arnie began playing with Portisheadâ€...


Art Themen

Art Themen's tenor saxophone style originally owed much to the influence of Dexter Gordon and Sonny Rollins, but later influences included such disparate saxophonists as Coleman Hawkins, Evan...

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Arun Ghosh

Arun Ghosh is a British-Asian clarinettist and composer. His second album, Primal Odyssey, was released in October 2011 on camoci records. In 2008 he was selected for Edition IV of the Jerwood/PRS...

Asaf Sirkis

While developing his own compositions, Asaf formed the Asaf Sirkis Trio in 2007 which features Greek guitarist Tassos Spiliotopoulos and Israeli bassist Yaron Stavi. This trio has released three...


Ashley John Young

Ashley-John Long is a virtuoso bassist and composer active in a diverse range of musical idioms. He has performed and recorded with some of the UK's leading Jazz musicians including Art Themen...


Ayo Salawu


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