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Jazz Undead

Derby Jazz

Commissioned and produced by Derby Jazz in 2014 Jazz Undead is a Jazz Street Theatre project. Be very afraid jazz is UNDEAD. Jazz rises from the grave again despite having being declared dead many times. It died in New Orleans in the 1920s, swing died in the 40s, bebop died in the 50s. Louis Armstrong, Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Miles Davis are all dead but their music still lives. JAZZ UNDEAD play tunes with deadly themes from accross the history of jazz ; Jelly Roll Morton’s “Dead Mans Bluesâ€(1926), Charles Mingus’ “Wednesday Night Prayer Meetingâ€(1959), Bobby Timmon's “Moaninâ€(1958), Michael Jackson/Quincey Jones' “Thrillerâ€(1983), “Didn’t He Rambleâ€anon, Miles Davis' “Run the Vodoo Downâ€(1970), Wayne Shorter’s “Juju†(1964), etc. The producer and musicians are all from the East Midlands Jeff Brown-trumpet is “Hot Lips†was shot by his lover’s, lover’s, pimp’s girlfriend. Dave "Stickman" Higgins is "The Preeacher" a jazz evangelist whose taste for spirits and holy water took him to an early grave. Rosie Turton-trombone is “Sweet tooth†her sugar addiction rotted her teeth first then the rest of her soon after. Marcus Joseph-saxophones is “The Fireman†his sound was so hot and fiery that one night he self combusted. Joe Palmer-tuba is “Joey Palma†a tuba playing made man who had his throat slit by a piccolo playing hit man from NYC. Andrew Wood-drums is “Big Roll†from Arkansas who died after being bitten by a rattlesnake who took a dislike to his maracas. JAZZ UNDEAD was devised and produced by Geoff Wright of Derby Jazz to spread the word about jazz. played Derby FESTE, FORMAT International Phototography Festival and Derby Arena Launch in 2014. They're back at Derby FESTE in Sept 2016 They played a festival in Coventry in November 2015 and are there again in 2016

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