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Derby Jazz

We've teamed TONY KOFI up with some of the East Midland's finest to create a quintet playing Cannonball Adderley tunes outdoors and FREE around Derby in June and July. Tony's one of the UK's finest saxophonists. As well as his own UK bands he's worked internationally with the worlds best; The World Saxophone Quartet, Abdullah Ibrahim's Ekaya, Ornette Coleman and many more .

Tony's a great student of jazz history and he's been researching the music of Cannonball Adderley which he thinks has been unduly neglected. Under Tony's leadership INSIDE STRAIGHT will be playing music from the later years of Cannonball's career. Tunes like "MERCY, MERCY, MERCY", "JAZZ SAMBA", "COUNTRY PREACHER" and of course "INSIDE STRAIGHT".

Gemma Fuller, from Leicester, on trumpet and drummer Andrew Wood, from Nottingham, were both members of LOOSEN UP, keyboard player Matt Ratcliffe, from Wirksworth, and bass player Martin Spencer, also from Nottingham play together in Andrew's Trio and hold down the Jam Sessions at Peggy's Skylight.

  Application closing date: 1st October 2021

  info@derby-jazz.co.uk


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