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Enjoy playing jazz - &/or singing - as part of the Nottingham Jazz Worksops (NJW), a friendly and mutualy supportive  group who meet regularly at The Lion Pub in New Basdord under Musical Director Steve Sherriff.. Ahead of each session, sheet music of the tunes being played and practised at the Workshop is distributed via email to members.  There is a fee per session and members organise periodic gigs.

NJW meet the 1st, 2nd and 3rd Wednesday of the month @The Lion Pubm 44 Mosley St, New Basford, Nottingham NG7 7FQ. For more details please visit the Nottingham Jazz Worksops Facebook page.  Also, contact nottinghamjazzworkshops@gmail.com

The NJW says, "Nottingham Jazz Workshop is for ADULT musicians and singers, of all levels of competency (see below), to come together and learn something about Jazz and similar types of music. Our definition of Jazz is quite wide, so we include some music you may not call Jazz. 

One thing it is NOT...and that's SCARY !!

We are very adult, and very supportive.  We don't judge, but we will give advice if you ask for it. 

We publish sample flyers as there are different workshops for different things.

Nottingham Jazz Workshops also arrange performances (Gigs) which are designed to give members a target to aim for, to experience performance and also to demonstrate to the public what we do and who we are. 

NJW was launched by Barb White in 2007 (?) and her ambition was to match up a membership of willing local instrumentalists and vocalists with an available teacher/coach within a community setting..."

  Application closing date: 31st December 2022

  nottinghamjazzworkshops@gmail.com


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